You Do the Bidding, We’ll Do the Shredding

If you’re a business owner, it’s highly likely you understand the importance of confidentiality as it pertains to customer data, documents, and information. Methods and procedures to protect customers’ personal data are not only put in place with their best interests in mind, but with your company’s best interests in mind as well. While there are many methods for securing important information, the most popular, and one of the most effective, is paper shredding. Boston Junk specializes in the secure shredding and disposal of any type of documents, whether they are old or just no longer needed.
Benefits of Hiring Us to Do Your Shredding:

  • Organization – Keep your space clear of unwanted paper, such as receipts and files.
  • Efficiency – We’ll have your documents disposed of at a rapid speed.
  • Productivity – Your employees can devote their time to the most important tasks at hand.
  • Less liability – You’ll set your company up to prevent a data breach disaster.
  • Better reputation – Customers want to know you care about protecting their private information.

Any type of customer data breach is never good and should be avoided at all costs. Having one of these incidents occur could mean anything from fines to angry customers to reputational damage or worse. When it comes to confidentiality, prevention is key. Hopefully your business, whether small or large, already has a system in place to protect both staff and customers. If not, the time is always right to start creating and then enforcing one. Your business quite literally depends on it.
Rather than spend precious time and energy shredding these documents yourself (or delegating it to an employee), you can trust us to take care of the job with ease and professionalism. After all, we’re sure you and your employees have much more important things to focus on than mindlessly shredding paper after paper. Our machinery is equipped to get those documents shredded at lightning speed so that you don’t have to worry about it. We promise to treat the material you place in our hands with care. You have our full assurance that that every document will be shredded beyond any chance of revival.
As technology advances, many companies have chosen to begin the process of moving all their customer data and information entirely online. While doing so certainly makes the workday easier in many ways, it can also leave the office full of unwanted, unneeded paper that’s just sitting around. In instances like this, one-time shredding purges are perfect. Other business operations and procedures may regularly produce paper, collecting it like leaves in the fall. For these companies, Boston Junk recommends a regular interval schedule for picking up and then disposing of the documents. It could be bi-weekly, monthly, or even annually according to what your company needs and how much you produce. Setting up a regular schedule to have us come by ensure that you don’t have to worry about clutter, and who doesn’t love a clean office space?
If you have any questions about the shredding process, what it looks like, or how often you’ll need it, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help! Our Facebook page can be accessed at or you can call us at (781)-399-4808. We look forward to working with your company to ensure everyone’s data is as safe as possible!