What Can Boston Junk Removal Do for You in 2021?

Boston Junk Removal is your reliable and professional one-stop-shop for all of your junk removal needs. Whether your junk removal needs pertain to your home or your commercial business, you can’t go wrong by hiring our professional and experienced staff. We also provide many services beyond junk removal, such as shredding. When you need anything removed from your property in the Greater Boston Area during 2021, call the experts at Boston Junk Removal.

Let’s start with our commercial services. We very sensitive to the needs of your business and can work with you either during or after regular business hours.  One of our specialties is office cleanout. Whether you are moving to a new location, downsizing, or facing the sad task of closing your business down, we have the solution for you. We have experience completing hundreds of office cleanouts.

Another specialty of ours is recycling. The recycling laws in Massachusetts and Boston are complex and demanding. If you do not follow them by the letter, you can suffer steep fines and your reputation could be damaged accordingly. Let us sort out your recycling following all local and statewide regulations and guidelines. We guarantee that Boston Junk Removal will recycle the largest possible proportion of your waste, thus serving to provide maximal protection of the environment.

If you have documents you need to dispose of quickly and securely, call us and we will take care of it for you. It is too risky to put your sensitive information in the hands of amateurs. When you hire Boston Junk Removal, we guarantee that all of your sensitive documents will be thoroughly destroyed, never to be heard of again.

We provide cleanout and recycling services in residential homes as well. Our experience with home cleanouts is just as extensive and successful as office cleanouts. We are also as accommodating and flexible in our schedules and services when working for private homeowners or renters.

One unique service we provide for private homes is our specialty in managing sensitive hoarding situations. Do you have a tough to manage hoarding problem or know someone who does? We can help. We can help turn that cluttered and overflowing home into a clean and enjoyable space once again, within one day. Our workers have the sensitivity to deal with this unique situation and all of the equipment necessary. Boston Junk Removal has a range of dumpsters, capable of any magnitude of hoarding related materials.

Our offices are located at 166 Broadway, Malden, MA 02148. Visit us on Facebook and give us a well earned like at https://www.facebook.com/bostonjunk, if you want the human touch, call us at 781-399-4808 and check out superior personalized customer service. We provide free estimates over the phone. We look forward to hearing from you!