Tips to Improve Your Office Recycling

You almost certainly have some recycling guidelines in your workplace at this point. After all, the law requires it. However, is it enough? Are you complying with all of the legal requirements on the federal, state, country, and municipal level? Perhaps more importantly, are you recycling policies contributing to the environment to sustainability?

It is unlikely that recycling is at the top of your current list of business essentials. However, it is becoming an increasingly important component of conducting business in the contemporary environment. Customers and inspectors expect full compliance with accepted recycling standards.

You may be thinking that upgrading your recycling capabilities sounds expensive and complicated, but it truly isn’t! First, start with the materials you are recycling. If you are like most businesses, you are probably already recycling bottles, cans, and paper. That is a great start. But you should also be recycling your e-waste (electronic waste) as well. Boston Junk removal excels at removing and recycling electronics such as computers, batteries, lightbulbs, telephones, printers, and anything else with a plug.

One of the main elements of recycling well-meaning people get wrong, is the separation between food waste and plastic recyclables. Today organics are recycled alongside plastics and cardboard, and we should all make sure to take advantage of that. Make sure to collect food scraps, coffee grinds, tea bags, and other compostable materials.

Some of the best recycling tips require educating your workforce. The more workers you employ, the greater your responsibility to minimize waste. Therefore, it is up to you to make sure all of your workers are aware of company recycling practices and are enacting them fully. Does everyone know what goes in each waste bin? You can also encourage your workers to create less waste. For example, ask them to avoid bringing food and coffee in disposable packages and instead bring food in reusable Tupperware and reusable bags.

Perhaps even more importantly, encourage your suppliers and vendors to practice environmentally friendly policies as well. This way the supplies brought into your business will be more friendly, to begin with. Also, you will be influencing the culture of other companies and spreading the message of environmental sustainability.

Some businesses have dealt with waste by introducing an “up-cycle” station. This is where reusable items are placed after workers are done with them. Employees are required to try to find the items they need in this station before ordering new ones. This measure will save you waste and money!

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