Tips to Declutter and Clean up Your Office

A cluttered workspace can slow down and hinder your workflow and thereby curtail productivity. Sometimes it takes a long time just to find what you need! An untidy workspace also makes working a significantly less pleasant experience. When you look and everything is in place and ready to go, it inspires you to work and gets your creativity flowing.

So how do we make sure our workspace is tidy and ready to go?

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Clean your work station. There are probably items on your desk or workbench, in the drawers, and possibly in places around which should be clear. Take every single item out and put it elsewhere. Now wipe down and clean every inch of your work station, including all of the drawers. Once it dries, it is time to put the items back.
  • Put back only the items you need or want. Now that you can see all of the stuff you have removed from your workspace, ask yourself if you need all of it. There should only be two types of items in your workspace: those that you need to use regularly to get work done and things that make you happy and ready to work. So it is fine to have pictures of your family or fun whimsical items in your workspace, as long as they are not making it hard to get your job done and they make you feel happier and more productive.
  • See if you can put the items back in a more orderly manner. Now that you have decided what items to put back in your workspace, make sure that they are in a spot that makes sense and contributes to your workflow. The items you use regularly should be immediately available. Meanwhile, things you use occasionally should be within reach, but not on or near your workspace. This is why we have shelves! Those items you rarely use should be put in storage further away.
  • Maintenance and upkeep. How many times have we put things in order just to watch them degenerate into a mess far sooner than we would like? The key to maintaining order is daily upkeep. The best time to do this is at the beginning of every workday, that way you can start every day in a tidy and productive atmosphere. Just five minutes of cleaning and tidying at the start of the day can keep your office in tip-top shape permanently.

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