Tips for Handling Your Estate Cleanout

Estate sales and cleanup can be needed for many reasons. Most of these involve a lifestyle change such as the passing of a family member, divorce, or even just retirement. Regardless of the cause, these events are happening more frequently and often require rapid cleanout service.

Why Use a Cleanout Service?

No matter the reason for the estate cleanout, the job can be incredibly difficult. Often the job requires cleaning out large quantities of furniture, appliances, and other household items that can be heavy and difficult to lift, let alone transport. In addition, the cleanout often needs to be handled quickly.

A professional cleanout service can provide fast, reliable help for the whole process and do all the heavy lifting and disposal. Plus, they can sweep out and leave your home clean.


Estate cleanouts aren’t easy, but these tips may help make it a little easier. However, estate cleanouts vary a lot from home to home, so consider your situation and consider consulting a professional about how you can handle the process.

Locate all Important Records

Before beginning a cleanout or estate sale, you need to locate all important records and set them aside. In many cases, the first things to look for are wills, trusts, and related documents that may be crucial. Other important documents may include stock documents, deeds for real estate, vehicle titles, tax documentation, bank records, 401(k) records, and prior income tax returns that may be important or necessary to file income tax returns.

Consider an Estate Appraisal

If the estate possesses items of considerable value, especially antiques, consider acquiring an estate appraisal.  Accredited professionals can supply you with an estimate of the value of each item. However, typically appraisers charge by the hour for this work, so consider what items are worth appraising.

Charitable Donations

An estate cleanout makes for a perfect opportunity to donate some items to charity. This not only helps others in your local area with items you no longer need but also can provide valuable tax write-offs that could offset many unexpected new tax expenses, sudden estate inheritances, or profit that estate sales can bring. Make sure to make a list of items and acquire receipts.

Details are Important

Often, important documents and valuable items can be stored in the most unexpected places. Pay attention to pockets and drawers; often, things are left here and forgotten. Always check before selling or throwing items away.

Family Memorabilia

It’s important to look around the home, and separate photo albums, keepsakes, and other items of emotional value others may not recognize. These items often can’t be replaced and possess little value to others, so they are at high risk of being disposed of without notice.


Estate cleanouts can be exhausting both physically and mentally. For this reason, it can be wonderful to have a helping hand from professionals. A professional can make an estate cleanout fast and easy while doing all the heavy lifting. They can take care of disposal and leave everything spotless.

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