Tips for Cleaning Up Your Yard

It’s time for spring cleaning, and just like the rest of your home, your yard needs some care and attention too. A little bit of work cleaning up yard debris and trimming overgrown plants can go a long way towards improving the street appeal of your home. So, here are some ways to get started.

Get Rid of Large Waste

The first thing you need to do to clean up your yard is to pick up all the garbage and any other large objects you don’t want. This includes large stones, tree branches, or even old toys you no longer want.

Try to sort the items you collect as you go since you may not want to throw away everything. Some items may be useful enough to donate, which is always better for the environment. For the rest, you could recycle it or pack it up in garbage bags. If you have enough junk, you may want to consider renting a dumpster.

Trim Your Trees and Shrubs

After you clean up any debris from your yard, it’s a good time to trim your trees and shrubs. A saw works well for large branches; whereas, clippers are good for shrubs or twigs. Just be sure to rake up after trimming. It’s important to rake up the leaves as well to avoid having mold develop, which could spread to your plants.

Cut the Grass

Once you tidy up your yard, you’ll want to mow your lawn. Aside from making your lawn look better, it can help keep your grass healthy. However, before you start mowing, there are a couple of things you should check to make sure you’re helping, not hurting your grass.

Carefully check your lawnmower to see if the blades are sharp. Be sure not to use dull blades. Dull blades will not only leave your lawn uneven but potentially cause damage as well. While you’re checking the blades’ sharpness, also check the height. Approximately two and a half inches is good for supporting healthy roots and controlling weeds. After this, trimming the edges with a weed cutter will improve the look of your lawn.

Start Composting

While you’re cleaning up your yard, why not start a compost pile. Composting is great for the environment, and the compost works as an excellent fertilizer. It’s easy to start as well.

Just pile up any branches or sticks in the spot you want your compost pile. Then, make sure you break up any branches or large sticks; you don’t want any really large pieces. Next, place any grass clippings, weeds, or organic matter on top with some soil. Continue to layer this way. Also, keep the pile moist by adding water as necessary. Once the material breaks down, you can use the compost to fertilize your plants.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning up your yard can be hard work, but the reward is worth it. Your home’s appearance and curb value will both be greatly improved, and with less clutter, you and your family will be able to fully enjoy the space. So, take a weekend and plan to get your yard ready for the summer.

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