The Best Specialty Disposal Service in Boston


When a business or private resident in the Greater Boston area needs a cleanout of any size, there is one company that has been ready to serve them since 1993, and we at Boston Junk Removal are proud to put those 30 years of experience to our ever growing list of services. No two jobs are ever the same, and we know just how to handle the unique needs of your specialty situation, even if you fear no one can help with the task you need done. We’ve experienced everything from loose papers to heavy equipment, giving each the same level of care to ensure everything is handled professionally and ethically. If you have a larger item you need to clear away, be it on your commercial property or private residence, we can absolutely see to its removal. If you find yourself overwhelmed by large or cumbersome items in need of disposal, let our unique combination of skill, manpower and professional equipment take care of the job.

Though it may not be an everyday occurrence, large items occasionally need to be cleared out and disposed of, and the rareness of such a situation can make it feel daunting. But we’ve seen an incredible range of projects during our operation, leading to our development of Specialty Disposal for items requiring a special approach. Many people find themselves with boats, small structures, machinery, and other items too large to be moved conventionally but in desperate need of disposal, and we’ve honed the skills required for all such situations. Even if raw manpower isn’t enough to get the job done, we’re equipped with the tools and mechanical power to overcome any challenge, all while ensuring the safety of those involved. By scheduling with us, you ensure that you won’t have to worry any longer about your unwanted items of every size. Removal won’t just be swift, it will be ethical as well, due to our commitment to producing no unnecessary waste or pollution in our jobs. In fact, we will work to ensure this every step of the way, all while making sure it produces no financial burden for you in the process. Thus, you can relax knowing your items are going to be disposed of without any worry on your part from begging to end.

If you’d like to learn more about who we are and what services we offer to private companies and residents alike, everything is available here on our website. Regular updates are posted to our Facebook page, where the message function can also be used to get in touch with us for more answers. Should you want to speak directly to one of our staff, our number is 781-399-4808, and from there you can also schedule an appointment and receive a quote. If a price can’t be negotiated through pictures and the details you provide, we are more than willing to meet at the desired location for a more hands on estimate of the price, as our Specialty Disposal is designed to meet the needs of your unique situation. Get in touch with us today so we can help take those unwanted oddities off your hands.