At Boston Junk Removal, we’ve been serving the Greater Boston Area since 1993, and our 30 years of experience have allowed us to develop the skills we need to assist companies in the often-overwhelming task of office cleanout. Any commercial property will need adjustment from time to time, and whether you’re simply clearing away, replacing and recycling unwanted items or relocating entirely, we’re here to make it all happen on your schedule. Our many services have been developed for the specific needs of our customers, and our flexible hours and helpful staff will always work with you to make sure you can relax and leave the job to us while we take care of the cleanout. Even working while your office is in full operation is no challenge for us, as we have the skills to keep our operation quick and quiet, so you and your employees never have to worry about being disturbed on the job. Your unwanted items will be disposed of and recycled as needed, allowing you to enjoy the newly reclaimed space they leave behind.

Through our many years in operation, we’ve seen that cleaning out an office often entails a great deal of upgrading and replacing old technology, and this has allowed us to develop services for the proper disposal of these often-cumbersome items. Old computers, printing machines, and other large pieces of electronic equipment can appear daunting to replace, especially if you want to protect the environment and reduce any unnecessary waste, but our Commercial Recycling service has been developed just for this. Always looking to do the best we can, we pride ourselves on reducing pollution just as much as we commit to keeping the process from ever being stressful for you. The chemicals and delicate components in these units require care and proper handling to recycle, and we have the experience and connections required to see it done, clearing them away with ease and opening up much needed space in your office in the process. Even the trickiest items are no issue for us, as relocation to the necessary facilities will allow them to be recycled safely. So long as it does not create a financial burden for you, we will always pursue all options possible to reduce waste from any project, no matter how big or small it may be.

If you would like to know more, you can get in contact with us online, where we have more information on our dedication to recycling and credentials and the option to schedule our services for your upcoming move or cleanout. From this site we also have answers to frequently asked questions as well as a page for submitting your contact details to request a quote. We are also available on Facebook at, and in addition to the updates posted there we can be reached via the message option. If you would prefer to speak to one of our helpful associates for scheduling or to have questions specific to your circumstances cleared up, you can call us at 781-399-4808. Negotiating a quote can begin with a description of the location as well as pictures, but a direct visit from us to the site you plan to clean is always an option if necessary, as your satisfaction every step of the way is our ultimate goal, so contact us today to get started.