We’ve all driven through a neighborhood and seen that one house that sticks out like a sore thumb. It always starts the same way. One stray piece of junk that slowly collects more junk, until BAM! You’re that one house.

Don’t be the sore thumb on your street. If something seems too big or too difficult to move, it might be time for some specialty disposal.

What’s so special about “specialty disposal”?

Most of us are in the habit of putting all our unwanted waste out by the road on garbage day. But what happens when that big ole’ truck just keeps cruising by? Municipal waste management companies usually have strict guidelines detailing what they will (or won’t) collect. Typically, if it doesn’t fit in the can, they’re not taking it.

That’s where specialty disposal comes in. If something is too big, too heavy, or too awkward to move, hire the professionals.

You might be thinking a yard sale is more profitable, but let’s face it: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” does not always apply.

What kind of items are specialty disposal items?

As mentioned above, if it’s too big, too heavy, or too awkward to be easily moved then it’s probably best to leave it up to the professionals. Items include;

  • Pianos and organs
  • Boats
  • Sheds
  • Swing sets
  • Basketball hoops
  • Trailers
  • Heavy equipment and machines

Why should I pay for specialty disposal?

Right now, you might be saying to yourself, “ Well my cousin’s brother’s friend has a pickup truck and trailer I could probably borrow?” But there are several reasons to pass up that tempting offer.

  • Risk of injury: Don’t strain a muscle or throw your back out while trying to lift more than you can handle.
  • Cost of rental equipment: If a friend of a friend doesn’t have a trailer to lend you, the cost of rental can get pretty pricey. Not to mention any heavy equipment you might need to lift larger items onto said trailer.
  • Lack of help: It’s not always easy to find people willing to give up their free time to move some junk around.
  • Cost of disposal: In addition to the hassle of loading, transporting, and unloading large items, the costs to take them to the landfill can add up.

No matter the reason, it’s often best to leave specialty disposal up to the pros.

So, who should I call for specialty disposal at the home or office?

At Boston Junk Removal, we have all the manpower and equipment necessary for even the biggest of jobs. We’ve been serving the greater Boston area since 1993 and can take care of all your specialty disposal needs. We’re a cost-effective, reliable, and convenient way to dispose of any specialty waste items.

Contact Boston Junk Removal at (781) 399-4808 or check out our Facebook page for more information about our services.