How to Plan Your Office Clean Out

Office cleanouts tend to be far more complex and involved than private home cleanouts. It doesn’t matter if you are expanding, downsizing, or just moving to a new location. The logistical side will present massive obstacles. Therefore, they must be planned out well in advance. Let Boston Junk Removal be your partner for your office cleanouts in the greater Boston area.

Perhaps the most important element, from a business standpoint, is to inform everyone you do business with regularly that you are moving. This includes not only your most major customers but also all of your suppliers and partner businesses. Some of your customers and suppliers will be dissatisfied with the change, as it may inconvenience them. Therefore, most relocations involve the severing of some business relationships, but by doing this you can keep that down to a minimum.

Since moving your office will probably be a significantly larger task than you currently think, it is a good idea to begin planning about two months and work towards the goal regularly and thoroughly. If you have the manpower, try to appoint someone to manage the move as their primary responsibility during this period.

However, the backbone of a good cleanout is the cooperation of your entire staff. Ask every member of your team to thoroughly clean out their office areas of unneeded materials and junk. Once this is done, ask them all to perform a deep clean on their workstations. If every member cooperates, the number of materials involved in your move will be minimized and the entire move rendered more efficient.

It may be tempting to just move everything to the new office and then sort it out. However, it is best to use this opportunity to significantly declutter your office. This will save you money and time in moving, and start work in the new location in a more efficient and cleaner environment.

Make sure to leave as small of an environmental footprint as you possibly can. Allow a professional company to handle your recycling needs, to make sure that the large amounts of waste you leave behind to comply with Massachusetts and Boston rules and regulations.

In the process of the cleanout, you may find you have documents that you need to dispose of quickly and discreetly. At Boston Junk Removal we will take care of those documents for you while maintaining the utmost secrecy.

The helpful staff at Boston Junk Removal will be with you every step of the way of your office cleanout journey.

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