How To Get Rid of Your Old Mattress

So, you have a new mattress, and you’re looking to rest easy, but you can’t because your old mattress is still cluttering up your bedroom. So, what can you do to get rid of the huge eyesore?

It’s possible you could pay a fee to have it taken to a local landfill, but there are better and far more environmentally friendly ways to deal with your old mattress.

So, let’s talk about how you can eliminate your old mattress and save both time and money.

Recycle It

Every day an around 50,000 mattresses are disposed of in landfills alongside couches, recliners, and other bulky and easily recycled items. By having your old mattress recycled, you can avoid clogging up landfills and ensure that the many materials that make it don’t go to waste. This is especially important because about 80% of the materials contained in mattresses are still recyclable.

The easiest way to have your old mattress recycled is to call a junk removal company. These businesses have the equipment to transport the bulky mattress and arrangements with recycling facilities. However, it is also possible to drive it to some recycling center yourself if you have the ability and choose to. But, check in advance because many recycling centers will only accept beds from approved sources.

Sell It

If the mattress has a good appearance, is clean, and in good condition, selling it is a good way to recycle your old mattress and even make some money back off of it. But, before getting started, check the laws in your local because it is sometimes forbidden.

To get started, you could simply sell it in your neighborhood through flyers and word of mouth, or you can post it nationally online. Many e-commerce websites such as Craigslist or OfferUp will allow you to list your item nationally.

These services are great for helping you find a buyer for your mattress, but there are a few things you should remember before trying to sell your mattress. Always give your mattress a good cleaning both to sanitize your mattress and give it a good appearance for prospective buyers. Also, remember to include the brand of the mattress you are trying to sell and include information that can help sell it, like a pet-free or smoke-free home.

Donate It

Another great option to dispose of your old mattress and prevent it from going to waste is to donate it. Some good options to consider include furniture banks, homeless shelters, and charity centers. There are a number of charitable causes that accept mattress donations, so do some research on options in your area.

If your mattress is in less than perfect condition but is still clean and sanitary, you can donate it to an animal shelter. Websites like and are good places to search for places accepting mattress donations.

Break It Down and Recycle

If you have trouble finding a place to recycle your mattress, you could always break it down into its component parts and recycle them individually. It’s possible to even make a little money off of recycling some of them. Scrap metal recycling facilities will generally pay a small amount for springs and coils.

Repurpose Components

A final option is to break down the mattress and use its components for other purposes. Foam padding can be used to make pet beds, and the fabric can be used to make cleaning rags. Oftentimes, this is best combined with recycling some parts of the bed while repurposing others.

Final Thoughts

An old mattress can be a hassle to dispose of, but with some thought and a little work, you can not only get rid of it but possibly get a little money back too. So, think about the shape your old mattress is in and consider which option is right for you.

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