How to Dispose of Your Old TV

When you get a new television, you are probably looking to kick back and enjoy it. But, dealing with your old screen can be harder than you may think. TV manufacturers use many valuable materials in making these products, but they also contain several toxic substances that can make it difficult and environmentally harmful to recycle or dispose of. So, let’s discuss a few ways you can dispose of that old TV that are easy for you and good for the Earth.

Businesses That Take Used TVs

There are a number of businesses that will take your lightly used TV, and you can even make some money off of it. Some examples would be pawn and consignment shops. These stores vary in what kind of items they are willing to accept, so be prepared to try a few.

But, if the TV isn’t too old and is in good shape, you will likely be able to find one ready to accept it. Generally, these stores will sell the item under a roughly 50/50 split, and you will be paid when the item is sold. This is a great way to recycle the item and make some money off of it too.

Sell It Online

There are a number of websites and apps that will let you list your old TV, and some will even do it for free. Typically, this is a better alternative to pawn and consignment shops if you aren’t in a hurry to sell. Generally, those stores will take half the money from a sale, but with these online alternatives, you can keep it all.

Some good websites to consider are Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, and with these sites, you can keep all of the proceeds. For apps, consider Letgo, Nextdoor, and DeCluttr. These apps allow you to sell locally or nationally, and with most of them, you can sell for free or add paid ads for your listing. With Decluttr, you can get an immediate offer for your old TV and choose whether or not to accept it. If you accept the offer, once they receive the TV, you will get paid right then and there.

Return It To the Manufacturer

Oftentimes television manufacturers will accept old models back to refurbish and sell at a reduced price. This is a great way to prevent waste and recycle tech instead of throwing it away.

Some television manufacturers offer free recycling programs, and these include Samsung, LG, Sharp, Sony, Panasonic, and Toshiba. You can contact the manufacturer for more information on shipping the old TV back to the individual brand. It is also possible to recycle any manufacturer’s TV smaller than 32 inches and even receive a $10 coupon.

Recycling Your TV

Unfortunately, recycling your TV isn’t as simple as just taking it to the landfill, as many landfills will not accept electronics. So, the best way to recycle your TV is to look for an e-waste center near you that will accept your old TV. Once you find an e-waste recycling site, find out the rule for what the center will accept because they vary from site to site. For instance, some e-waste centers refuse to accept LCD TVs. If the center is willing to take your TV, be sure to disconnect any accessories you have attached and carefully wrap your TV in something like bubble wrap or even an old blanket to protect it.

Final Thoughts

Disposing of an old TV is harder than just throwing it out. But, with the right plan, you can dispose of your old TV in an environmentally responsible manner and possibly even make some money back. So, take some time to consider the age and shape of your TV, and choose the best method for your situation.

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