If you’re a business owner, small or large, you know running a company involves a lot of paperwork. As long as it’s still relevant, up to date, and useful, keep it organized. But what do you do when documents become outdated? Simply tossing them in the trash is a sure way to find yourself in some hot water. By law, any documents containing confidential information need to be shredded and disposed of properly.

Who is required to shred documents before disposal?

If you are a company, no matter how big or small, you are required by law to properly dispose of confidential documents. To stay compliant with FACTA laws, a business has to destroy all confidential documents in a way that makes them undecipherable.

What documents need to be shredded?

Any documents containing confidential information about employees or customers need to be shredded and properly disposed of. This includes outdated:

  • Pre-employment files
  • Payroll documents
  • Tax forms
  • Medical records
  • Financial records

Why should I be concerned about shredding documents?

The improper disposal of outdated and confidential documents could lead to big trouble for your company. If information is mishandled and leads to the loss of employee information you could be looking at a hefty fine and risk finding yourself on the wrong side of a civil suit.

Keep your business, employee, and customer information safe by shredding and disposing of all outdated documents correctly. Don’t be liable for the loss of information, avoid fines, and keep your employees and customers safe and happy. Happy customers and employees lead to better business.

How do I properly dispose of outdated and confidential documents?

First, make sure you have a system for storing and organizing documents. Keep track of when documents are outdated. Dispose of outdated documents as soon as they are no longer needed.

While waiting to destroy, make sure you store outdated documents in a secure container until they can be disposed of properly.

To make the process easy and complete, contact Boston Junk Removal to set up scheduled shredding services. Don’t let outdated and confidential paperwork pile up and put your company at risk. We can offer secure and shredding and disposal to your business on a schedule that works for you.

Trust Boston Junk Removal with Your Secure Documents

Boston Junk Removal has been serving the Greater Boston area for more than 25 years. We can make sure that your documents are safely shredded so you can maintain compliance with FACTA regulations. Don’t risk your leaking confidential information, contact us by phone at (781) 399-4808 or check out our Facebook page for more information on our secure shredding services.