5 Tips For a Successful Basement Clean Out

For most of us, our basements are filled with years of clutter. So if you are thinking about using your basement as another room in your home, the only thing that may be holding you back is a good cleaning.

Rather than let your dread at sorting through all that neglected junk keep you from enjoying the room you deserve, just try these five tips for a successful basement cleanout.

Form a Plan of Attack

Just like cleaning the other rooms in your home, cleaning your basement takes some planning. After all, you probably wouldn’t reorganize your living room without figuring out where you’re going to put the furniture, paint the walls, or how everything will look when it is put together.

Just like this, a job as big as a full basement cleanout deserves the time it takes to plan and prepare the project.

Schedule the Work

Depending on how cluttered your basement is, it could take several days of work to clean and declutter. Rather than try to complete the work all at once, try to schedule 1-2 hours of work every day.

Work in small daily increments and don’t feel pressured to keep working when you get tired. That way, you can come back the next day refreshed with a new point of view.

Remove the Clutter

To start the work, try to sort everything into three piles: keep, donate, and trash. As you sort through everything, just toss everything that you don’t need in the garbage or if it may still have some value in the donate pile. Everything you still want to keep can go in another pile where you can decide later if it is staying in the basement or changing rooms.

One of the best ways to sort items that are staying in the basement is by their purposes, such as fishing gear, office supplies, and tools. You could always place them in color-coded or labeled bins to help keep track of what goes where.

That way, when you need these items in the future, you know where to look. This might seem tedious, but it’s worth the effort to help stay organized when you are putting in this much effort already.

Organize Your Basement

Now that everything is cleaned and sorted, it’s time to organize properly. This means you need to find a place to put everything you’re going to keep. If you chose to put everything in color-coded bins earlier, then this step will be a lot easier.

A good way to organize these bins is on a suitably sized shelf. This will help you to make the most of your space and leave the bins accessible when you need them. If space is limited, a little creativity can help. Try storing items under dressers or beds. You could also free up some space by using hanging shelves to store some items. You’ll find you can store items just about anywhere.

Once you have everything where you wanted it, you’re done! If you have a large pile of things to dispose of that can’t fit in your regular trash, don’t worry. We here at Boston Junk Removal will come to pick up the trash for you and dispose of it hassle-free. We’ll even sweep up when we’re finished!


Cleaning your basement can be a hassle, but with the right approach, you will find the job a lot easier. By coming at it with a plan, scheduling the work over a period of time, and sorting everything as you go, you will finish the job in no time.

But, for big jobs, consider hiring a professional junk remover like Boston Junk Removal. Our cleaning specialists can do all the heavy lifting required to get your basement clean in no time. All you need to do is tell us how clear you want the room, and we can do the rest.

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