5 Reasons for Your Business To Recycle

In the modern-day, there is really no reason for your business to not recycle. Typically, it is more efficient than waste disposal alone and oftentimes cheaper. Many of your customers would likely also call this irresponsible.

Chances are, if you don’t have a recycling program in place, you are overspending on waste disposal. In addition, it is easy for your waste bin to become a mess when you are using it alone. So, if this isn’t enough to convince you, check out these five reasons your business should start a recycling program today.

  1. Spend Less Money on Waste

You may be concerned about spending money on recycling equipment, but it will actually save your business money in a relatively short period of time. When all of your business’s waste is simply piled into bins, they will need to be emptied frequently, costing quite a bit of money.

However, with a baler, your business can compact plastic and cardboard into dense bales that can be easily stored and collected far more infrequently. Plus, the cost for pick up of these materials typically comes at a far better rate than an equivalent waste management provider.

  1. Save Waste Storage Space

If you use water bins, you know how much space these can take, especially in a small space. For hospitality providers such as hotels, bars, and restaurants, this is an especially large problem due to little space to store waste.

Many larger businesses utilize dumpsters that can take up space in even the largest spaces. Reducing bin quantity with recycling equipment can free this space up. A small recycling baler can take less space than a single 1100 liter bin and open up clean, usable space, often with little or no remaining bins.

  1. The Environment

Chances are you have noticed media coverage discussing climate change and other environmental hazards. One important way your business can help do its part is recycling, so if you aren’t already, it is time to start.

Plus, it is easy to imagine stricter regulation on business recycling starting anytime, so why not get a headstart? Recycling materials such as plastic and cardboard is easy with the right equipment.

Plus, it is nice to know your recyclable waste is being reused instead of going to the landfill or polluting waterways. Recycling can help the environment and will certainly improve your image.

  1. Improve Your Public Image

For many businesses, this may be the biggest reason, and you don’t need to broadcast it for it to help. Oftentimes potential customers passing by a business with a messy, overflowing waste bin will find it disconcerting, and this leads to an immediate judgment of what the rest of the business must be like.

This is especially true for hospitality businesses that must maintain high standards of hygiene. Many customers will see a messy waste area and assume that the appearance of neglect is true on the inside as well. Many will choose never to see if that is actually true.

  1. Save Your Staff Time

You may not even realize it, but your staff probably spends a lot of time handling waste when it is stored in bins. This is because though it takes little time to throw a cardboard box in a bin, emptying that same bin after only a few boxes takes a lot longer.

If you want to store many boxes, your staff needs to flat-pack those boxes in order to cram the most possible in. Another reason is those bins are often placed far from the working area due to their large size. However, recycling equipment is often small and easily stored in restrictive spaces. Don’t be deceived by the small amounts at a time the minutes add up.

This problem is even worse for larger companies with warehouses. In this case, you and your staff would likely prefer to concentrate on your jobs rather than becoming regularly distracted with waste disposal.


As we said earlier, most businesses have no reason not to recycle. Whether it is reducing your costs and wasted staff time, saving space, or improving your public appearance, recycling can help. So, start a recycling program today.

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